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Inside the Physics map, you will find several examples of how physics can be used in Unreal Engine 4. Creating Physics Actors out of Static Meshes so that they respond to player interaction, applying a Physics Asset to a Skeletal Mesh so that it responds to physics, and several examples of how Force, Impulse, Motors, and Physical Constraints are on display in this map with details of how they can aid in your level design or gameplay scenarios.

You can find additional resources for each example by clicking on the example's name.

Physics Map


Listed below are the examples provided inside the Physics map:


What is Demonstrated

1.1 Object Simulating Physics

StaticMeshes which have been set to Physics Actors and can be picked up, poked, or thrown by mouse input (e.g. a simple pickup/drop system with gravity).

1.2 SkeletalMesh RigidBody Simulating Physics

A SkeletalMesh which has been assigned a PhysicalAsset and can be treated as a physics object (e.g. a SkeletalMesh which simulates physics, can be used for ragdoll effects).

1.3 Radial Force/Impulse

Physics Actors which are affected by a Radial Force Actor that pushes them all away from a point in space (e.g. could be used for explosions to blow debris away from a focal point).

1.4 Thruster

Shows a Thruster attached to a Physics Actor which provides constant force from a specified location (e.g. can be used to launch a rocket upward or hurl an object in a given direction at a set velocity).

1.5 PhysicsConstraints

PhysicsConstraints which are basically a type of joint that allows you to connect two Actors together and apply limts or forces (e.g. physics based doors that can be pushed open).

1.6 PhysicsConstraints Angular Motors

Similar to 1.5, however Angular Motors provide movement for an Actor that is bound by a constraint as constraints by themselves do not move (e.g. a swinging pedulum or rope).

1.7 PhysicsConstraints Linear Motors

While 1.6 provides movement to an Actor who is bound by a constraint, Linear Motors confine that amount of mobility by velocity or position.

1.8 PhysicsConstraints Breakable

Another type of constraint that can be broken when enough force is applied (e.g. Angular Force like snapping a branch or Linear Force like "pulling" and snapping a rubber band).

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