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Information on using art created in external applications, importing it into Unreal Engine 4, and setting it up for use in visualization and interactive applications.

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Most of the artistic assets that you will use in Unreal Engine 4 are created using external 3D applications, such as 3ds Max, Maya, Quixel, ZBrush, and others. Below, you will find information on the types of assets that are created externally and what tools are available for bringing them into the engine.

Asset Creation Locations

Created in Unreal Editor

Created Using External Application

  • Game Levels

  • Materials

  • Particle Systems

  • Cinematic Sequences

  • Blueprint Scripts

  • AI Navigation Meshes

  • Precalculated Light Maps

  • Level Lights

  • Static Meshes

  • Skeletal Meshes

  • Skeletal Animation

  • Textures

  • Sounds (WAVs)

  • IES Light Profiles

  • NVIDIA APEX files (APB and APX)

Starting Out

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