DMX Blueprint Tools

Information about DMX Blueprint tools, including Normalized Attribute Values, Fixture Path Blueprint functions, and more.

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Prerequisite Topics

In order to understand and use the content on this page, make sure you are familiar with the following topics:

The following Blueprint tools are useful for getting, setting, and managing DMX data.

Normalized Attribute Values

If you would like to use floats instead of ints or bytes for managing DMX data you can use the normalization tools that convert to and from int/byte values to floats. See below for attribute examples.

Float to Int


Int/Byte To Float


Set Fixture Default Values on Begin/End Play

Below is an example of how to reset a fixture to its default values on Begin/End play. Using the Get Attribute Default Map and Send DMX nodes, users can reset all fixtures to their starting position.


Reference Multiple Fixtures

If you would like to get references to more than one fixture you can use one of the included getter functions that return an array of fixture patch references. You can then use a for loop to send to all fixture patches. See the image below for examples, and refer to the Blueprint API for details.


Reference Example 1


Reference Example 2

Fixture Patch BP Functions

There are many helper functions inside the fixture patch reference to help the user-managed data. See the image below for examples, and refer to the Blueprint API for details.


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