DMX Matrix Features

Information about DMX matrix fixture control, including an overview of Matrix Fixtures Blueprints.

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A matrix fixture differs from a standard fixture in that it has a group of "cells" that can be individually controlled. Each cell has the same attributes and functionality as the other cells in its group. An example of a matrix fixture is the "MagicPanel" which contains a group of cells made up of pixels. Each pixel has a set of attributes to control it such as "Red", "Green", "Blue", and "Dimmer".


Matrix fixture control is new in 4.26.

To set up a matrix feature, you need to configure the Fixture Type in the DMX Library. In the Library, go to the Fixture Type panel, and under Fixture Settings, select the DMX Category and check Matrix Feature . Use the DMXImport when possible. Additionally, make sure to set the Entity Properties Name to MatrixFeature .


In the Modes Properties panel, you can set a number of settings to configure their matrix cells.



First Cell Channel

The first channel that the first cell in the matrix contains

X Cells

Number of cells in the x-direction

Y Cells

Number of cells in the y-direction

PixelMapping Distribution

Cell order for all cells in the group

Cell Attributes

Attributes assigned to each cell


Matrix Fixture Blueprints

There are a number of Blueprints available for setting and getting data for matrix cells. You can access these through the Fixture Patch reference to call Get Matrix Cell , as seen in the image below.


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