Tools Folder Structure

A reference guide for organizing your In-Camera VFX project's Tools files in the Content Browser.

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The recommended Tools folder structure in the Content Browser

The Tools folder contains custom Blueprints and widgets, Level Snapshot Filters and Presets, and Remote Control Presets. The following list describes each tool.

  • Blueprint Tool A: Separate folder per-Stage blueprint used, containing it's source:

    • BP_Tool or WBP_WidgetTool — The principle Blueprint.

    • Enums - Related enumerations used in the Blueprint.

      • E_(Description)

    • Structs - Related structures used in the Blueprint.

      • F_(Description)

    • SubBlueprints - Only present if any sub-blueprints are used.

      • BP_(Description)

    • SubWidgets - Only present if any sub-widget blueprints are used.

      • WBP_(Description)

  • Remote Control: Remote control presets used

    • RCP_(Description)

  • Common

A diagram showing the recommended tools folder structure for your project in the Content Browser.

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