Folder Track

Folder Tracks allow for the organization of your tracks within Sequencer's Outliner.


Folder tracks in Sequencer are used to organize your content and other tracks within custom folders. This page provides an overview of how to create and use Folder tracks.



The most common way to create a Folder track is by clicking the + Track button in Sequencer and selecting Add Folder.

sequencer create folder

Folders can also be created by right-clicking a single or group of tracks and selecting Move to Folder > New Folder. Doing this will create a new Folder track and move the selected tracks under it.

sequencer move to new folder

You can also select one or several tracks and press Ctrl + G on your keyboard. This will create a new folder and move the selected tracks under it.

sequencer folder track hotkey

Right-clicking a folder and selecting Add Folder will also create a subfolder on that Folder track.

sequencer sub folder


Folder Tracks support a wide range of intuitive movement and organization operations.


Like most top-level tracks, folders can be renamed by triple-clicking the track text, by right-clicking and selecting Rename, or by pressing F2.

rename sequencer folder

Add to Folder

Tracks can be added to folders by dragging them onto a folder in the Sequencer Outliner.

add track to folder drag

They can also be added to any currently existing folders by right-clicking them and selecting the folder from the Move to Folder menu.

move to folder

Remove from Folder

Tracks can be removed from folders by dragging them out of the folder and into an empty region in the Sequencer Outliner.

remove track folder drag

They can also be removed from folders by right-clicking them and selecting Remove from Folder.

remove from folder

Setting Folder Color

You can apply colors to each Folder track's icon to distinguish them from one another.

To do this, right-click the folder and select Set Color. A 색 선택 툴 window will appear from which you can select your color. Once a color is selected, click the OK button and your folder icon will be updated with the selected color .

sequencer folder track color

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