nDisplay Template

Use the nDisplay Template as the starting point for your nDisplay projects.


The nDisplay template is the starting point for creating complex arrangements of physical displays for live performances. The template provides a variety of common nDisplay configurations to get you started.

Creating a Project from the Template

  1. Launch Unreal Engine, and click Create Project.

  2. Select the Film, Television, and Live Events template category, then click Next.

  3. Click nDisplay, then click Next.

  4. Choose whether to include starter content and whether to enable ray tracing, and select the path and name for your project.

Template Features

The following example configurations are available in the template in the ExampleConfigs folder:

  • NDC_Basic

    Click image to enlarge

  • NDC_Cave

    Click image to enlarge

  • NDC_CaveUnwrap

    Click image to enlarge

  • NDC_DualMonitor

    Click image to enlarge

  • NDC_MultiViewports

    Click image to enlarge

  • NDC_WallCurved3x2

    Click image to enlarge

  • NDC_WallFlat3x2

    Click image to enlarge

  • NDC_XRStage

    Click image to enlarge

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