DMX Plugin Settings

Information about the DMX Plugin settings, including, among others, fixture categories and attributes.

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This is where you will set specific plugin settings, like the following.

  • Interface IP - Your network card used for DMX control by specifying the IP address in Interface IP

    • By default, this is set to which selects your primary network card determined by the operating system.

    • To use a specific network card for sending and listening for DMX, input your network card's IP address. To find your IPv4 Address you can follow this tutorial.

  • Global Universe Settings

    • These values will offset all output universes for the particular protocol. This will only affect data sent on the protocol level and not be reflected in UI. To be clear, the input value is an offset, not an absolute value. See the example below.

      • If Global ArtNet Universe Offset = 10 all universes sent through the network will be increased by 10. Using this example, if the remote universe value to be sent out is 1, Global ArtNet Universe Offset will modify this value and send out a packet containing universe 11.

    • Received universe values will not include this offset.

  • Fixture Categories

    • By default, the plugin provides 5 generic categories under which most DMX fixtures can be categorized. These categories are used inside your DMX Library inside the Fixture Type tab for the purposes of organizing and grouping the fixtures that you add to your scene.

    • You can add and remove categories if you wish to create your own

  • Fixture Attributes - Internal naming convention used as an alias for imported fixture properties

    • Attribute Names

      • These names act as aliases for any functions that are imported into the project via GDTF files. Attributes are easily accessible from any part of the project and remove the dependence upon DMX libraries. Additionally, attributes solve the problem of mapping unpredictable imported function names to a generic list of terms that are easy to reference via dropdowns anywhere in the project.

    • Attribute Keywords

      • Keywords are the input names mapped to the defined attribute name. Any number of keywords can be mapped to a single attribute name, just ensure each keyword is separated by a comma or space.

  • Sending Settings

    • Sending refresh rate

      • The rate in hertz (Hz) to send out DMX (Default = 30)

    • Send DMX by Default

      • Default = false

  • Receiving Settings

    • Receiving the refresh rate

      • The rate in hertz (Hz) for receiving DMX (Default = 44)

    • Receive DMX by Default

      • Default = false

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