Sequences Folder Structure

A reference guide for organizing your In-Camera VFX project's Sequences files in the Content Browser.


The recommended Media folder structure in the Content Browser

The Sequences folder contains all Level Sequences and Animations, grouped by sequence abbreviation (CE, CP, and SJ in the example shown).

The Edits subfolder contains edits that apply to the entire project's sequences taken together. Each individual sequence folder also has an Edits subfolder, which applies specifically to that sequence only.

This sample uses the format (Sequence Code)_(Setup)_(Camera or Anim Pass)_(Take). However, this is only an example take-naming convention. Use whatever naming system for your takes that makes sense for your project. The important point is for the naming system to be consistent.

  • Edits

    • EDIT_Origin_00_01

    • EDIT_Origin_0A_07

  • CE (Sequence Abbreviation)

    • Takes - Sorted by shot name and take number

      • CE_00_0A_01

        • LS_CE_00_0A_01

        • SNAP_CE_00_0A_01

        • CE_00_0A_01_Subscenes

          • LS_Actor01_CE_00_0A_01

          • LS_Actor02_CE_00_0A_01

        • Animations

          • A_CE_00_0A-01_Actor02

    • Shots

    • Previs

    • Techvis

    • Edits

      • EDIT_CE_00_01

      • EDIT_CE_0G_99

    • Sublevels

      • CE_Lighting

      • CE_Chr

A diagram showing the recommended Sequences folder structure for your project in the Content Browser.

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