New Animation Features

Learn about new features for authoring animation in the editor and controlling animations at runtime.


In addition to the significant features linked above, Unreal Engine 5 Early Access includes several new tools and quality of life improvements. These are described in the following sections.

Tween Tool

With the new Tween tool, you can create new in-between keyframes and weight them based on the keyframe or pose that is either ahead or behind the current keyframe.

Tween Tool

To open the Tween tool, press the Create Tweens button in the Animation Panel.

You can only open the Tween tool if there is a Control Rig in the Sequence.

Control Rig Pose Library

Take advantage of the new Pose Library to quickly save, mirror and blend poses on any Control Rig setup. The Pose Library can also create Selection Sets to reuse frequent selections on your rig. Find this and other utilities like the Tween and Snapper utilities on the Animation Panel toolbar in the Level Editor.

control rig pose library

You can access the Pose Library tool from the Animation panel, which is only accessible if you currently have a Level Sequence open with a Control Rig.

Snapper Tool

With the Control Rig Snapper, you can pin objects or controls from your Control Rig to other objects in the world. This pinning is achieved by baking keyframes over a duration of time.

In the example below, you can see it being used to fix the hand sliding of the character mantling over:

Control Rig Snapper in action

You can access the Snapper tool from the Animation panel, which is only accessible if you currently have a Level Sequence open with a Control Rig. Pressing the Snapper button opens the Control Rig Snapper tool. You can set your parent, child, range, and attachment settings here.

Control Rig Snapper

Control Rig Functions and Node Collapsing

You can now collapse multiple Control Rig nodes into a single node for easier editing and viewing. To do this, right-click a group of selected nodes and select Collapse Nodes.

Collapsing nodes

You can edit a collapsed node by double clicking the collapsed node to open it in a new tab. You can add custom input and output arguments in order to route properties by pressing the Create a New Input Argument button.

Editing collapsed nodes

You can also convert collapsed nodes into reusable functions. Right click on a collapsed node, and select Promote to Function to convert a collapsed node into a Function.

Creating a function from collapsed nodes

Blendspace Node 2.0

We have introduced new Blendspace nodes with a variety of improvements. Rather than creating Blendspace or Aim Offset assets, these new nodes now contain the Blendspace graph, which you can access by double-clicking the Blendspace node.

Accessing the Blendspace Node

Blendspace 2.0 nodes and their samples are also visible in the AnimGraph tree. Samples are no longer simple animation sequences, but are now their own subgraphs, allowing for broad customization.

Blendspace nodes in the AnimGraph tree

Legacy Blendspace assets will remain as we do further improvements and bug fixing. Old Blendspace nodes are now renamed to Blendspace Player. You can choose to convert these nodes to use the new 2.0 framework by right-clicking on your current Blendspace Player node and selecting Convert to Blend Space Graph.

Converting to a graph

Sequencer Matinee Camera Shake Converter

You can now convert legacy Matinee-based camera shake assets into Sequencer-based camera shake assets, called Camera Animation Sequence, which will keep your legacy camera shakes working despite the deprecation of Matinee.

Camera shake conversion

To launch this tool, navigate to Window > Developer Tools > Matinee Camera Shake Converter.

Opening the converter

Sequencer Quality of Life Improvements

To improve selection and trimming workflows, new hotkeys and behaviors have been added to Sequencer.

Pressing ALT + ][ allows you to trim or loop clip keyframes to the current playhead time.

Trimming and looping to playhead

Selecting a single track affects that track only. Having no selection affects all clip keyframes. This functionality applies to all section-based keyframes in sequencer, such as sections, animations, or shots.

Pressing CTRL + ][ allows you to select all keyframes forward or backwards relative to the current playhead.

Select all keyframes ahead and behind

For clip keyframes, the clip will always be selected if the playhead is anywhere on top of it.