class unreal.AnimMontage(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.AnimCompositeBase

  • Any property you’re adding to AnimMontage and parent class has to be considered for Child Asset

  • Child Asset is considered to be only asset mapping feature using everything else in the class

  • For example, you can just use all parent’s setting for the montage, but only remap assets

  • This isn’t magic bullet unfortunately and it is consistent effort of keeping the data synced with parent

  • If you add new property, please make sure those property has to be copied for children.

  • If it does, please add the copy in the function RefreshParentAssetData

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: AnimMontage.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • asset_mapping_table (AssetMappingTable): [Read-Only] Asset Mapping Table: Asset mapping table when ParentAsset is set

  • asset_user_data (Array(AssetUserData)): [Read-Write] Asset User Data: Array of user data stored with the asset

  • blend_in (AlphaBlend): [Read-Write] Blend In: Blend in option.

  • blend_mode_in (MontageBlendMode): [Read-Write] Blend Mode In

  • blend_mode_out (MontageBlendMode): [Read-Write] Blend Mode Out

  • blend_out (AlphaBlend): [Read-Write] Blend Out: Blend out option. This is only used when it blends out itself. If it’s interrupted by other montages, it will use new montage’s BlendIn option to blend out.

  • blend_out_trigger_time (float): [Read-Write] Blend Out Trigger Time: Time from Sequence End to trigger blend out. <0 means using BlendOutTime, so BlendOut finishes as Montage ends. >=0 means using ‘SequenceEnd - BlendOutTriggerTime’ to trigger blend out.

  • blend_profile_in (BlendProfile): [Read-Write] Blend Profile In: The blend profile to use.

  • blend_profile_out (BlendProfile): [Read-Write] Blend Profile Out: The blend profile to use.

  • controller (AnimationDataController): [Read-Only] Controller: UAnimDataController instance set to operate on DataModel

  • data_model (AnimDataModel): [Read-Only] Data Model: UAnimDataModel instance containing source animation data

  • enable_auto_blend_out (bool): [Read-Write] Enable Auto Blend Out: When it hits end, it automatically blends out. If this is false, it won’t blend out but keep the last pose until stopped explicitly

  • meta_data (Array(AnimMetaData)): [Read-Write] Meta Data: Meta data that can be saved with the asset

    You can query by GetMetaData function

  • parent_asset (AnimationAsset): [Read-Only] Parent Asset: Parent Asset, if set, you won’t be able to edit any data in here but just mapping table

    During cooking, this data will be used to bake out to normal asset

  • preview_base_pose (AnimSequence): [Read-Write] Preview Base Pose: Preview Base pose for additive BlendSpace *

  • preview_pose_asset (PoseAsset): [Read-Write] Preview Pose Asset: The default skeletal mesh to use when previewing this asset - this only applies when you open Persona using this asset// todo:: note that this doesn’t retarget right now

  • rate_scale (float): [Read-Write] Rate Scale: Number for tweaking playback rate of this animation globally.

  • sequence_length (float): [Read-Only] Sequence Length

  • skeleton (Skeleton): [Read-Only] Skeleton: Pointer to the Skeleton this asset can be played on .

  • sync_group (Name): [Read-Write] Sync Group: If you’re using marker based sync for this montage, make sure to add sync group name. For now we only support one group

  • sync_slot_index (int32): [Read-Write] Sync Slot Index: wip: until we have UI working

  • thumbnail_info (ThumbnailInfo): [Read-Only] Thumbnail Info: Information for thumbnail rendering

  • time_stretch_curve (TimeStretchCurve): [Read-Write] Time Stretch Curve: Time stretch curve will only be used when the montage has a non-default play rate

  • time_stretch_curve_name (Name): [Read-Write] Time Stretch Curve Name: Name of optional TimeStretchCurveName to look for in Montage. Time stretch curve will only be used when the montage has a non-default play rate

property blend_mode_in

[Read-Only] Blend Mode In



property blend_mode_out

[Read-Only] Blend Mode Out



property blend_profile_in

[Read-Only] Blend Profile In: The blend profile to use.



property blend_profile_out

[Read-Only] Blend Profile Out: The blend profile to use.



classmethod create_slot_animation_as_dynamic_montage_with_blend_settings(asset, slot_node_name, blend_in_settings, blend_out_settings, play_rate=1.000000, loop_count=1, blend_out_trigger_time=- 1.000000) AnimMontage

Utility function to create dynamic montage from AnimSequence with blend in settings

Return type


get_blend_in_args() AlphaBlendArgs

Get Blend in Args

Return type


get_blend_out_args() AlphaBlendArgs

Get Blend Out Args

Return type


get_default_blend_in_time() float

Get Default Blend in Time

Return type


get_default_blend_out_time() float

Get Default Blend Out Time

Return type


is_valid_section_name(section_name) bool

section_name (Name) –


true if valid section

Return type