class unreal.CommonDateTimeTextBlock(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.CommonTextBlock

Common Date Time Text Block

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: CommonUI

  • Module: CommonUI

  • File: CommonDateTimeTextBlock.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • accessible_behavior (SlateAccessibleBehavior): [Read-Write] Accessible Behavior: Whether or not the widget is accessible, and how to describe it. If set to custom, additional customization options will appear.

  • accessible_summary_behavior (SlateAccessibleBehavior): [Read-Write] Accessible Summary Behavior: How to describe this widget when it’s being presented through a summary of a parent widget. If set to custom, additional customization options will appear.

  • accessible_summary_text (Text): [Read-Write] Accessible Summary Text: When AccessibleSummaryBehavior is set to Custom, this is the text that will be used to describe the widget.

  • accessible_text (Text): [Read-Write] Accessible Text: When AccessibleBehavior is set to Custom, this is the text that will be used to describe the widget.

  • auto_collapse_with_empty_text (bool): [Read-Write] Auto Collapse with Empty Text: True to automatically collapse this text block when set to display an empty string. Conversely, will be SelfHitTestInvisible when showing a non-empty string.

  • auto_wrap_text (bool): [Read-Write] Auto Wrap Text: True if we’re wrapping text automatically based on the computed horizontal space for this widget.

  • auto_wrap_text (bool): [Read-Write] Auto Wrap Text: Whether the text should automatically wrap deprecated: bAutoWrapText is deprecated. Please use AutoWrapText instead.

  • can_children_be_accessible (bool): [Read-Write] Can Children be Accessible: Whether or not children of this widget can appear as distinct accessible widgets.

  • clipping (WidgetClipping): [Read-Write] Clipping: Controls how the clipping behavior of this widget. Normally content that overflows the bounds of the widget continues rendering. Enabling clipping prevents that overflowing content from being seen.

    NOTE: Elements in different clipping spaces can not be batched together, and so there is a performance cost to clipping. Do not enable clipping unless a panel actually needs to prevent content from showing up outside its bounds.

  • color_and_opacity (SlateColor): [Read-Write] Color and Opacity: The color of the text

  • cursor (MouseCursor): [Read-Write] Cursor: The cursor to show when the mouse is over the widget

  • display_all_caps (bool): [Read-Write] Display All Caps: True to always display text in ALL CAPS deprecated: bDisplayAllCaps is deprecated. Please use TextTransformPolicy instead.

  • flow_direction_preference (FlowDirectionPreference): [Read-Write] Flow Direction Preference: Allows you to set a new flow direction

  • font (SlateFontInfo): [Read-Write] Font: The font to render the text with

  • is_enabled (bool): [Read-Write] Is Enabled: Sets whether this widget can be modified interactively by the user

  • is_volatile (bool): [Read-Write] Is Volatile: If true prevents the widget or its child’s geometry or layout information from being cached. If this widget changes every frame, but you want it to still be in an invalidation panel you should make it as volatile instead of invalidating it every frame, which would prevent the invalidation panel from actually ever caching anything.

  • justification (TextJustify): [Read-Write] Justification: How the text should be aligned with the margin.

  • line_height_percentage (float): [Read-Write] Line Height Percentage: The amount to scale each lines height by.

  • margin (Margin): [Read-Write] Margin: The amount of blank space left around the edges of text area.

  • min_desired_width (float): [Read-Write] Min Desired Width: The minimum desired size for the text

  • mobile_font_size_multiplier (float): [Read-Write] Mobile Font Size Multiplier: Mobile font size multiplier. Activated by default on mobile. See CVar Mobile_PreviewFontSize

  • navigation (WidgetNavigation): [Read-Write] Navigation: The navigation object for this widget is optionally created if the user has configured custom navigation rules for this widget in the widget designer. Those rules determine how navigation transitions can occur between widgets.

  • override_accessible_defaults (bool): [Read-Write] Override Accessible Defaults: Override all of the default accessibility behavior and text for this widget.

  • override_cursor (bool): [Read-Write] Override Cursor

  • render_opacity (float): [Read-Write] Render Opacity: The opacity of the widget

  • render_transform (WidgetTransform): [Read-Write] Render Transform: The render transform of the widget allows for arbitrary 2D transforms to be applied to the widget.

  • render_transform_pivot (Vector2D): [Read-Write] Render Transform Pivot: The render transform pivot controls the location about which transforms are applied. This value is a normalized coordinate about which things like rotations will occur.

  • scroll_style (type(Class)): [Read-Write] Scroll Style: References the scroll style asset to use, no reference disables scrolling

  • shadow_color_and_opacity (LinearColor): [Read-Write] Shadow Color and Opacity: The color of the shadow

  • shadow_offset (Vector2D): [Read-Write] Shadow Offset: The direction the shadow is cast

  • shaped_text_options (ShapedTextOptions): [Read-Write] Shaped Text Options: Controls how the text within this widget should be shaped.

  • simple_text_mode (bool): [Read-Write] Simple Text Mode: If this is enabled, text shaping, wrapping, justification are disabled in favor of much faster text layout and measurement. This feature is only suitable for “simple” text (ie, text containing only numbers or basic ASCII) as it disables the complex text rendering support required for certain languages (such as Arabic and Thai). It is significantly faster for text that can take advantage of it (particularly if that text changes frequently), but shouldn’t be used for localized user-facing text.

  • slot (PanelSlot): [Read-Write] Slot: The parent slot of the UWidget. Allows us to easily inline edit the layout controlling this widget.

  • strike_brush (SlateBrush): [Read-Write] Strike Brush: The brush to strike through text with

  • style (type(Class)): [Read-Write] Style: References the text style to use

  • text (Text): [Read-Write] Text: The text to display

  • text_overflow_policy (TextOverflowPolicy): [Read-Write] Text Overflow Policy: Sets what happens to text that is clipped and doesn’t fit within the clip rect for this widget

  • text_transform_policy (TextTransformPolicy): [Read-Write] Text Transform Policy: The text transformation policy to apply to this text block

  • tool_tip_text (Text): [Read-Write] Tool Tip Text: Tooltip text to show when the user hovers over the widget with the mouse

  • tool_tip_widget (Widget): [Read-Only] Tool Tip Widget: Tooltip widget to show when the user hovers over the widget with the mouse

  • visibility (SlateVisibility): [Read-Write] Visibility: The visibility of the widget

  • wrap_text_at (float): [Read-Write] Wrap Text At: Whether text wraps onto a new line when it’s length exceeds this width; if this value is zero or negative, no wrapping occurs.

  • wrap_with_invalidation_panel (bool): [Read-Write] Wrap with Invalidation Panel: If true, it will automatically wrap this text widget with an invalidation panel

  • wrapping_policy (TextWrappingPolicy): [Read-Write] Wrapping Policy: The wrapping policy to use.

get_date_time() DateTime

Get Date Time

Return type


set_count_down_completion_text(completion_text) None

Set Count Down Completion Text


completion_text (Text) –

set_date_time_value(date_time, show_as_countdown, refresh_delay=1.000000) None

Set Date Time Value

set_timespan_value(timespan) None

Set Timespan Value


timespan (Timespan) –