class unreal.EditorModelingObjectsCreationAPI(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.ModelingObjectsCreationAPI

Implementation of UModelingObjectsCreationAPI suitable for use in UE Editor. - CreateMeshObject() currently creates a StaticMesh Asset/Actor - CreateTextureObject() currently creates a UTexture2D Asset

This is intended to be registered in the ToolsContext ContextObjectStore. Static utility functions ::Register() / ::Find() / ::Deregister() can be used to do this in a consistent way.

Several client-provided callbacks can be used to customize functionality (eg in Modeling Mode)
  • GetNewAssetPathNameCallback is called to determine an asset path. This can be used to do things like pop up an interactive path-selection dialog, use project-defined paths, etc

  • OnModelingMeshCreated is broadcast for each new created mesh object

  • OnModelingTextureCreated is broadcast for each new created texture object

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: MeshModelingToolset

  • Module: ModelingComponentsEditorOnly

  • File: EditorModelingObjectsCreationAPI.h