class unreal.Map(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: unreal._WrapperBase

Type for all Unreal exposed map instances

__copy__() Map -- copy this Unreal map
classmethod cast(key, value, obj) Map -- cast the given object to this Unreal map type
clear() None -- remove all items from this Unreal map
copy() Map -- copy this Unreal map
classmethod fromkeys(sequence, value=None) -> Map -- returns a new Unreal map of keys from the sequence using the given value (types are inferred)
get(key, default=None) value -- x[key] if key in x, otherwise default
items() view -- a set-like view of the key->value pairs of this Unreal map
keys() view -- a set-like view of the keys of this Unreal map
pop(key, default=None) value -- remove key and return its value, or default if key not present, or raise KeyError if no default
popitem() pair -- remove and return an arbitrary pair from this Unreal map, or raise KeyError if the map is empty
setdefault(key, default=None) value -- set key to default if key not in x and return the new value of key
update(...) None -- update this Unreal map from the given mapping or sequence pairs type or key->value arguments
values() view -- a view of the values of this Unreal map