class unreal.OpenCVLensDistortionLibrary(outer=None, name='None')

Bases: unreal.BlueprintFunctionLibrary

Open CVLens Distortion Blueprint Library

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: OpenCVLensDistortion

  • Module: OpenCVLensDistortion

  • File: OpenCVLensDistortionBlueprintLibrary.h

classmethod create_undistort_uv_displacement_map(lens_parameters, image_size, cropping_factor) -> (Texture2D, camera_view_info=OpenCVCameraViewInfo)

Creates a texture containing a DisplacementMap in the Red and the Green channel for undistorting a camera image. This call can take quite some time to process depending on the resolution.

  • lens_parameters (OpenCVLensDistortionParameters) – The Lens distortion parameters with which to compute the UV displacement map.

  • image_size (IntPoint) – The size of the camera image to be undistorted in pixels. Scaled down resolution will have an impact.

  • cropping_factor (float) – One means OpenCV will attempt to crop out all empty pixels resulting from the process (essentially zooming the image). Zero will keep all pixels.


Texture2D containing the distort to undistort space displacement map.

camera_view_info (OpenCVCameraViewInfo): Information computed by OpenCV about the undistorted space. Can be used with SceneCapture to adjust FOV.

Return type


classmethod draw_displacement_map_to_render_target(world_context_object, output_render_target, pre_computed_undistort_displacement_map) None

Draws UV displacement map within the output render target. - Red & green channels hold the distort to undistort displacement; - Blue & alpha channels hold the undistort to distort displacement.

  • world_context_object (Object) – Current world to get the rendering settings from (such as feature level).

  • output_render_target (TextureRenderTarget2D) – The render target to draw to. Don’t necessarily need to have same resolution or aspect ratio as distorted render.

  • pre_computed_undistort_displacement_map (Texture2D) – Distort to undistort displacement pre computed using OpenCV in engine or externally.

classmethod equal_equal_compare_lens_distortion_models(a, b) bool

Returns true if A is equal to B (A == B)

Return type


classmethod not_equal_compare_lens_distortion_models(a, b) bool

Returns true if A is not equal to B (A != B)

Return type