Adding nDisplay to an Existing Project

Describes how to set up any existing Project to be ready for nDisplay.

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You don't have to use the nDisplay Template Project in order to render through nDisplay. If you already have a different Project set up with your content, you can adjust that Project so that it can take advantage of nDisplay.

To set up an existing Project to use nDisplay:

  1. Enable the nDisplay plugin.
    In the Unreal Editor, choose Edit > Plugins from the main menu. Search for "nDisplay", and check the Enabled checkbox.

  2. Enable nDisplay for your Project.
    Choose Edit > Project Settings from the main menu, and find the Plugins > nDisplay section. Check the Enabled checkbox.

  3. Restart the Unreal Editor and reopen your Project.

  4. Drag and drop the previously-generated config file (.cfg or .ndisplay) into your Content Browser. It will be automatically converted to a UAsset. Alternatively, add a new nDisplay Config UAsset, found in the nDisplay media category in the Content Browser

  5. Continue on with the rest of the setup instructions in the Quick Start Guide.