Learn how to build projects for Android devices.

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Unreal Engine supports publishing to Android mobile devices and has several features to help in publishing to the Google Play Store. This section contains guides for setting up your Android development environment, how to use Android features and services, and how to prepare your game to ship.

Current SDK Requirements

  • Current UE Version: 5.0

    • Android Studio Version: 4.0

    • Minimum SDK Version: 23

    • Required for Android File Server: SDK 26

    • NDK Version: r21e

Current Device Compatibility

The current version of Unreal Engine supports Android devices meeting the following specifications:

  • Android 8 or higher

  • 64-bit Arm-based CPU

  • Compatible GPUs

    • Mali T8xx, G71, G72, G76, G77, G78 and G710 series

    • Adreno 5xx, 6xx or 7xx series

    • PowerVR GM9xxx

    • Xclipse 920

  • Compatible Graphics APIs

    • OpenGL ES 3.2

    • Vulkan supported on Android 10 or later devices with compatible drivers

Getting Started

Development Guides

Packaging and Publishing