Animating Characters and Objects

Explore Unreal Engine's animation and cinematic tools.

Unreal Engine provides a wide variety of powerful tools for managing characters, creating cinematic content, and animating directly in the engine.

With the Skeletal Mesh Animation System, you can manage your imported characters, skeletons, and animations. This content can then be expanding to create interactive gameplay animation using various features such as Blend Spaces, Animation Blueprints, and State Machines. Cinematic sequences can be created using the Sequencer tool, where you can animate Cameras, characters, and effects. Animating characters can be accomplished using Control Rig, which is Unreal Engine's built-in control rigging tool. Using Control Rig, you can build animator-friendly rigs which can be animated in Sequencer.

Explore the following pages to learn about the various animation tools and features within Unreal Engine.

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