Content Browser

A tool you can use to view, manage, and work with all of the Assets in your project.

The Content Browser is the primary area of the Unreal Editor for creating, importing, organizing, viewing, and managing content Assets within your Unreal project. You can also use it to manage content folders and perform specific Asset operations, such as:

  • Browse to and interact with all of the Assets in your project.

  • Find Assets using a text filter, which you can optionally combine with more advanced filtering.

  • Organize Assets into private, local, or shared collections.

  • Identify Assets that might contain problems.

  • Migrate Assets between content folders or to a different project.

To learn more about each of these operations, refer to the Content Browser Topics section on this page.

Accessing the Content Browser

There are three ways to open the Content Browser:

  1. From the Window menu in the top menu bar.

    Opening the Content Browser from the Windows menu

  2. From the Create menu on the Main Toolbar.

    Opening the Content Browser from the Content menu

  3. By clicking the Content Drawer button on the bottom toolbar of the editor. This opens a temporary Content Browser you can then dock to the editor window. To learn more, refer to the Content Drawer section on this page.

    Opening a Content Drawer

You can open up to four instances of the Content Browser at the same time. This is useful, for example, if you want to:

  • Have different Asset types filtered in different Content Browsers, such as one that just shows Static Meshes and another that just shows Materials.

  • Move Assets between different folders in your project.

By default, the Content Browser docks along the bottom of the Unreal Editor window. You can click and drag to re-dock it anywhere within the editor, or float it as its own window. You can also right-click the Content Browser tab and select Move to Sidebar, which will collapse the Content Browser to a clickable tab in the left-hand sidebar of the Unreal Editor window.

Content Drawer

The Content Drawer is a special instance of the Content Browser with slightly different behavior. To open it, either:

  • Click the Content Drawer button on the bottom bar of the editor.

  • Use the Ctrl + Space Bar (Windows) or Cmd + Space Bar (macOS) keyboard shortcut.

The Content Drawer automatically minimizes when it loses focus (that is, when you click away from it). To keep it open, click the Dock in Layout button. This creates a new instance of the Content Browser, but you can still open a new Content Drawer.

Dock in Layout button on the Content Drawer

The Dock in Layout button on the Content Drawer.

Content Browser Topics

To learn more about working in the Content Browser, refer to the pages below.

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