Level Editor Toolbar

Collection of commands that provide quick access to commonly used tools and operations.

The Toolbar panel provides quick access to commonly used tools and operations.

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Button Toolbar Save

Save the current level.

Toolbar Modes

Display the menu of Editor Modes options. Select an option to display its panel and corresponding toolbar. See Level Editor Modes for more information.

Quickly Add

Contains shortcuts for adding and opening common types of content within the Level Editor. Open the Content Browser, displaying all of the content assets contained in your Project. This is where you go to create, import, and edit all content. Open the Epic Games Launcher on the Unreal Engine Marketplace page.

Button Toolbar View

Open the Settings menu to display commonly used options that control selection, editing, and previewing aspects of the Level Editor.

Button Toolbar Blueprints

Open the Blueprints menu to access options to create or edit any Blueprints in the world, including opening the Level Blueprint for the current level in the Blueprint Editor. This menu also provides quick access to setting up the framework for your game (for example, game rules, player type, HUD, and so on) from within the editor.

Button Toolbar Cinematics

Create a new level sequence or master sequence.

Button Toolbar PlayIn

Start the game in normal play mode. Click the arrow to display the Play Options menu. See the Play In Editor section for more information.

Button Toolbar Launch

Launch the current map on any supported platforms. Click the arrow to access the list of connected devices.

The Bottom Toolbar contains shortcuts to the Command Console, Output Log, and Derived Data functionality. It also displays source control status. It is divided into the following areas:

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Output Log

Debugging tool that prints out useful information while your application is running.

Command Console

Behaves as any other command line interface: enter console commands to trigger specific editor behaviors.

Derived Data

Provides Derived Data functionality.

Source Control

Connect to or assign your Source Control solution.

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