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How to playback Pose Asset curves using the Pose Blender and Pose by Name Animation Blueprint nodes.

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After creating an Animation Pose Asset, you can use the Pose Blender and Pose by Name animation blueprint nodes to animate characters with pose assets.

Pose Blender

Pose Blender nodes are Animation Blueprint nodes that are automatically created by dragging a pose asset into the AnimGraph.

pose blender node animation blueprint node

Pose Blender nodes are used to play the associated pose asset on the skeletal mesh at runtime.

Pose Blender nodes will not display an output pose without any method of driving the contained animation curves. You will need to use an Animation Blueprint node to drive the curve data of the pose node to generate an output pose.

source pose was visible but ignored no pose output without animation curve driving method

Here is an example of an animation sequence, that contains authored animation curves, driving the pose assets curves, to animate the face.

animation curves in animation sequence asset

pose blender demo using animation sequence curves to drive anim curve

Animation Sequence Curves

Pose Asset playback using animation sequence curves and Pose Blender node

While nodes like the animation sequence players, can be used to drive animation curves found within the pose asset, you can also drive these curves with an curve asset. You can set a custom curve, to drive the pose asset, in the Custom Curve property, in the Pose Blender node's Details panel.

custom curve property in the pose blender nodes detail panel

Pose by Name

When working with a pose asset that contains multiple

[skeletal mesh](working-with-content/SkeletalMesh)
poses, stored as unique animation curves, you can use the Pose by Name Animation Blueprint node to selectively playback poses by using their name.

pose by name animation blueprint node

To create a Pose by Name node, you must right click a Pose Blender node in the AnimGraph and select, Create Pose by Name Node from the context menu.

convert a pose blender node to a pose by name animation blueprint node

Here a Pose by Name node is outputting a single pose from within a pose asset that was generated using a run animation, with each frame of animation having its own animation curve assigned, Frame 25 being the desired pose's name.

pose by name animation blueprint node demo

When using the Pose by Name node, you can control the weight of the specified pose using the Alpha Property. Here a simple wave value is adjusting the alpha value to drive the weight of the pose.

aniamtion blueprint driving pose alpha

alpha value demo

Animation Blueprint


If you are using a Pose Asset that has been enabled as Additive, you will need to use the Apply Additive node to correctly display your desired pose.

apply additive node when pose asset is additive

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