Sharing XR Experiences

Create an immersive experience for multiple users in Unreal Engine

Make your XR project a shared experience for multiple users by using XR features to share content, and by adding networking. This page contains links to documentation about creating shared XR experiences in Unreal Engine.


You can attach your virtual objects to real-world locations with ARPins. You can also save these ARPins to the cloud and share them with other devices so multiple users can view the same content in the same location.

This section guides you through how you can create ARPins in your project.

Spectator Screen for Head-Mounted Experiences

View the user wearing the head-mounted device (HMD) interacting with the virtual environment on the desktop with Spectator Screen. This page shows how to set up Spectator Screen in your project.

Collaborative Viewer

You can use the Collab Viewer template as a starting point for your project. The template contains networking functionality so multiple people can join together in a shared experience of the same 3D content. This page describes what functionality is included in the Collab Viewer template and how to use it.

Next Steps

After making your XR project a shared experience, follow these guides to add more functionality to your project and to improve its performance.

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