Understanding the Basics

Essential skills and concepts to help you get started in Unreal Engine.

This section covers the fundamentals of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and its tools. If you are new to UE5, you should become familiar with the Unreal Editor interface, Blueprint visual scripting, and the types of content you can use inside an Unreal project.

Refer to the sections below to see what kind of UE5 skills you can learn.

Installing Unreal Engine

Learn how to download and install Unreal Engine, and get acquainted with the Unreal Engine 5 system requirements for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Foundational Knowledge

Become familiar with the major components of the Unreal Editor interface, the various tools and editors you can use, and the most common Unreal Engine terms.

Content Browser

Learn how to work with Assets in the Content Browser, which is the primary area of the Unreal Editor for creating, importing, organizing, viewing, and managing content.

Customizing Unreal Engine

Customize Unreal Engine's layout, keybindings, and behavior, and learn how to add useful features by enabling plugins.

Working with Projects and Templates

Learn how to work with Unreal projects, which hold the contents of anything you build in Unreal Engine. You can also read about two of the basic project templates that Unreal Engine offers, which serve as starting points for a first-person or third-person experience.


Levels (sometimes called Maps) contain everything a player can see and interact with, like environments, usable objects, other characters, and so on. Every Unreal Engine project contains at least one Level. Read more about how to create and manage Levels on the pages below.

Assets and Content Packs

Any piece of content in an Unreal Engine project is called an Asset. Read more about how to work with Assets on the pages below.

Actors and Components

At a more granular level, Unreal projects contain Actors (individual pieces of content) which can have one or more Components attached to them. The pages below can teach you more about Actors and Components.

Playing and Simulating

Learn how to test your content directly inside Unreal Editor.

Building Your Application

Package your application for different platforms.

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