IK Rig

Retarget and procedurally adjust animations using IK Rig and Retargeting tools.

The IK Rig system provides a method of interactively creating Solvers that perform pose editing for your skeletal meshes. The resulting IK Rig Asset can then be embedded into any animation systems, such as Animation Blueprints to dynamically modify the pose-based solver parameters.

Additionally, the IK Retargeting system can be used to transfer animations between characters of varying proportions, either at runtime or for offline creation of new animation sequences.

This page contains links to documentation covering Unreal Engine's IK Rig and Retargeting tools, and real-world examples of their workflows.

IK Rig

IK Rigs are the primary Assets you will be using when using the IK Rig system. These pages describe its usage and primary features.



Use Solvers to create different kinds of IK Rig setups.

Use Solvers to create different kinds of IK Rig setups.


IK Rigs can also be used as a platform to quickly retarget animations between different skeletons. This page describe this retargeting process using IK Rigs and the IK Retargeter.

Animation Blueprint Authoring

IK Rigs can be utilized in Animation Blueprints to procedurally adjust animations for better alignment. This page describes the features of using IK Rig in Animation Blueprints.

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