Canvas Render Target 2D

Canvas Render Target 2D

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Create Canvas Render Target 2D

Creates a new canvas render target and initializes it to the specified dimensions

Target is Canvas Render Target 2D

Get Size

Gets a specific render target's size from the global map of canvas render targets.

Target is Canvas Render Target 2D

On Canvas Render Target Update

On Canvas Render Target Update: Called when this Canvas Render Target is asked to update its texture resource.

Update Resource

Updates the the canvas render target texture's resource. This is where the render target will create or find a canvas object to use. It also calls UpdateResourceImmediate() to clear the render target texture from the deferred rendering list, to stop the texture from being cleared the next frame. From there it will ask the rendering thread to set up the RHI viewport. The canvas is then set up for rendering and then the user's update delegate is called. The canvas is then flushed and the RHI resolves the texture to make it available for rendering.

Target is Canvas Render Target 2D