Distance Matching

Distance Matching

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Advance Time by Distance Matching

Advance the sequence evaluator forward by distance traveled rather than time. A distance curve is required on the animation that describes the distance traveled by the root bone in the animation. See UDistanceCurveModifier.

Target is Anim Distance Matching Library

Distance Match to Target

Set the time of the sequence evaluator to the point in the animation where the distance curve matches the DistanceToTarget input. A common use case is to achieve stops without foot sliding by, each frame, selecting the point in the animation that matches the distance the character has remaining until it stops. Note that because this technique sets the time of the animation by distance remaining, it doesn't respect phase of any previous animation (e.g. from a jog cycle).

Target is Anim Distance Matching Library

Set Playrate to Match Speed

Set the play rate of the sequence player so that the speed of the animation matches in-game movement speed. While distance matching is commonly used for transition animations, cycle animations (walk, jog, etc) typically just adjust their play rate to match the in-game movement speed. This function assumes that the animation has a constant speed.

Target is Anim Distance Matching Library