Player State

Player State

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Get Pawn

Return the pawn controlled by this Player State.

Target is Player State

Get Ping in Milliseconds

Returns the ping (in milliseconds)

Returns ExactPing if available (local players or when running on the server), and the replicated CompressedPing (converted back to milliseconds) otherwise.

Note that replication of CompressedPing is controlled by bShouldUpdateReplicatedPing, and if disabled then this will return 0 or a stale value on clients for player states that aren't related to local players

Target is Player State

Get Player Controller

Return the player controller that created this player state, or null for remote clients

Target is Player State

Get Player Name

returns current player name

Target is Player State

Get Unique Net Id

Gets the online unique id for a player. If a player is logged in this will be consistent across all clients and servers.

Target is Player State

Is Only ASpectator

Gets the literal value of bOnlySpectator.

Target is Player State