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Get Instance Transforms

Returns the transforms of all instances of a particular UFoliageType on a given level. If no level is provided all instances will be returned. Use GetUsedFoliageTypes() to retrieve all foliage types managed by a particular actor.

Target is Usd Exporter Blueprint Library

Get Instanced Foliage Actor for Level

Wraps AInstancedFoliageActor::GetInstancedFoliageActorForLevel, and allows retrieving the current AInstancedFoliageActor for a level. Will default to the current editor level if Level is left nullptr. This function is useful because it's difficult to retrieve this actor otherwise, as it will be filtered from the results of functions like EditorLevelLibrary.get_all_level_actors()

Target is Usd Exporter Blueprint Library

Get Source

Returns the source asset for a UFoliageType. It can be a UStaticMesh in case we're dealing with a UFoliageType_InstancedStaticMesh, but it can be other types of objects.

Target is Usd Exporter Blueprint Library

Get Used Foliage Types

Returns all the different types of UFoliageType assets that a particular AInstancedFoliageActor uses. This function exists because we want to retrieve all instances of all foliage types on an actor, but we can't return nested containers from UFUNCTIONs, so users of this API should call this, and then GetInstanceTransforms.

Target is Usd Exporter Blueprint Library