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World Subsystems

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Get ActorPartitionSubsystem

Get Actor Partition Subsystem (World Subsystem)


Get AutoDestroySubsystem

Get Auto Destroy Subsystem (World Subsystem)

The Auto destroy subsystem manages actors who have bAutoDestroyWhenFinished set as true. This ensures that even actors who do not have Tick enabled get properly destroyed, as well as decouple this behavior from AActor::Tick

Get CameraAnimationSequenceSubsystem

Get Camera Animation Sequence Subsystem (World Subsystem)

World subsystem that holds global objects for handling camera animation sequences.

Get ColorCorrectRegionsSubsystem

Get Color Correct Regions Subsystem (World Subsystem)

World Subsystem responsible for managing AColorCorrectRegion classes in level. This subsystem handles: Level Loaded, Undo/Redo, Added to level, Removed from level events. Unfortunately AActor class itself is not aware of when it is added/removed, Undo/Redo etc in the level.

This is the only way (that we found) that was handling all region aggregation cases in more or less efficient way. Covered cases: Region added to a level, deleted from level, level loaded, undo, redo, level closed, editor closed: World subsystem keeps track of all Regions in a level via three events OnLevelActorAdded, OnLevelActorDeleted, OnLevelActorListChanged. Actor classes are unaware of when they are added/deleted/undo/redo etc in the level, therefore this is the best place to manage this. Alternative strategies (All tested): World's AddOnActorSpawnedHandler. Flawed. Invoked in some cases we don't need, but does not get called during UNDO/REDO AActor's PostSpawnInitialize, PostActorCreated and OnConstruction are also flawed. AActor does not have an internal event for when its deleted (EndPlay is the closest we have).

Get ConversationRegistry

Get Conversation Registry (World Subsystem)

A registry that can answer questions about all available dialogue assets

Get DataLayerSubsystem

Get Data Layer Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Data Layer Subsystem

Get DisplayClusterWorldSubsystem

Get Display Cluster World Subsystem (World Subsystem)

World Subsystem used to react to level and world changes. When Concert reloads the packages, streamed levels are removed and re-added without invoiking LoadMap which circumvents FDisplayClusterGameManager::StartScene method invoked inside LoadMap method of DisplayClusterGameEngine. This causes issues such as not updating references to DisplayClusterRootActor which causes memory corruption, crashes and graphic corruption. This Subsystem is used to react to changes in number of levels used in the current world and forces DisplayClusterModule to refresh all of its managers.

Get GPULightmassSubsystem

Get GPULightmass Subsystem (World Subsystem)

GPULightmass Subsystem

Get HLODSubsystem

Get HLODSubsystem (World Subsystem)


Get LandscapeSubsystem

Get Landscape Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Landscape Subsystem

Get LevelInstanceSubsystem

Get Level Instance Subsystem (World Subsystem)


Get MassActorSpawnerSubsystem

Get Mass Actor Spawner Subsystem (World Subsystem)

A subsystem managing spawning of actors for all mass subsystems

Get MassActorSubsystem

Get Mass Actor Subsystem (World Subsystem)

A subsystem managing communication between Actors and Mass

Get MassAgentSubsystem

Get Mass Agent Subsystem (World Subsystem)

A subsystem managing communication between Actors and Mass

Get MassComponentHitSubsystem

Get Mass Component Hit Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Subsystem that keeps track of the latest component hits and allow mass entities to retrieve and handle them

Get MassCrowdRepresentationSubsystem

Get Mass Crowd Representation Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Subsystem responsible for all visual of mass crowd agents, will handle actors spawning and static mesh instances

Get MassCrowdSpawnerSubsystem

Get Mass Crowd Spawner Subsystem (World Subsystem)

A subsystem managing spawning of crowd

Get MassCrowdSubsystem

Get Mass Crowd Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Subsystem that tracks mass entities that are wandering on the zone graph. It will create custom runtime lane data to allow branching decisions.

Get MassDebuggerSubsystem

Get Mass Debugger Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Mass Debugger Subsystem

Get MassEntitySubsystem

Get Mass Entity Subsystem (World Subsystem)

@TODO: Comment this guy

Get MassLODSubsystem

Get Mass LODSubsystem (World Subsystem)

  • Manager responsible to manage and synchronized available viewers

Get MassNavigationSubsystem

Get Mass Navigation Subsystem (World Subsystem)

2 levels of hierarchy, 4 ratio between levels

Get MassReplicationSubsystem

Get Mass Replication Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Manages the creation of NetworkIDs, ClientBubbles and ClientViewers. NetworkIDs are per replicated Agent Entity and are unique and replicated between server and clients. ClientBubbles relate to the player controller that owns the parent UNetConnection to a Client machine. ClientViewers relate to all the player controllers that have a parent or child UNetConnection to a single Client machine (split screen etc).

Get MassRepresentationSubsystem

Get Mass Representation Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Subsystem responsible for all visual of mass agents, will handle actors spawning and static mesh instances

Get MassSignalSubsystem

Get Mass Signal Subsystem (World Subsystem)

A subsystem for handling Signals in Mass

Get MassSimulationSubsystem

Get Mass Simulation Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Mass Simulation Subsystem

Get MassSpawnerSubsystem

Get Mass Spawner Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Mass Spawner Subsystem

Get MassStateTreeSubsystem

Get Mass State Tree Subsystem (World Subsystem)

A subsystem managing StateTree assets in Mass

Get NetworkPhysicsManager

Get Network Physics Manager (World Subsystem)

Network Physics Manager

Get NetworkPredictionWorldManager

Get Network Prediction World Manager (World Subsystem)

Network Prediction World Manager

Get ObjectTraceWorldSubsystem

Get Object Trace World Subsystem (World Subsystem)

World subsystem used to track world info

Get QuartzSubsystem

Get Quartz (World Subsystem)

Quartz Subsystem

Get SmartObjectSubsystem

Get Smart Object Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Subsystem that holds all registered smart object instances and offers the API for spatial queries and reservations.

Get TickableWorldSubsystem

Get Tickable World Subsystem (World Subsystem)

UTickableWorldSubsystem Base class for auto instanced and initialized systems that share the lifetime of a UWorld and are ticking along with it

Get ViewportStatsSubsystem

Get Viewport Stats Subsystem (World Subsystem)

The Viewport Stats Subsystem offers the ability to add messages to the current viewport such as "LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILT" and "BLUEPRINT COMPILE ERROR".

Example usage:

Get WaterSubsystem

Get Water Subsystem (World Subsystem)

This is the API used to get information about water at runtime

Get WorldPartitionSubsystem

Get World Partition Subsystem (World Subsystem)


Get ZoneGraphAnnotationSubsystem

Get Zone Graph Annotation Subsystem (World Subsystem)

A subsystem managing Zonegraph Annotations.

Get ZoneGraphSubsystem

Get Zone Graph Subsystem (World Subsystem)

Zone Graph Subsystem