class unreal.AnimNode_CCDIK(component_pose: ComponentSpacePoseLink = [], lod_threshold: int = 0, alpha_input_type: AnimAlphaInputType = Ellipsis, alpha_bool_enabled: bool = False, alpha: float = 0.0, alpha_scale_bias: InputScaleBias = Ellipsis, alpha_bool_blend: InputAlphaBoolBlend = Ellipsis, alpha_curve_name: Name = 'None', alpha_scale_bias_clamp: InputScaleBiasClamp = Ellipsis)

Bases: AnimNode_SkeletalControlBase

Controller which implements the CCDIK IK approximation algorithm

C++ Source:

  • Module: AnimGraphRuntime

  • File: AnimNode_CCDIK.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • alpha (float): [Read-Write] Alpha: Current strength of the skeletal control

  • alpha_bool_blend (InputAlphaBoolBlend): [Read-Write] Alpha Bool Blend

  • alpha_bool_enabled (bool): [Read-Write] Alpha Bool Enabled

  • alpha_curve_name (Name): [Read-Write] Alpha Curve Name

  • alpha_input_type (AnimAlphaInputType): [Read-Write] Alpha Input Type

  • alpha_scale_bias (InputScaleBias): [Read-Write] Alpha Scale Bias

  • alpha_scale_bias_clamp (InputScaleBiasClamp): [Read-Write] Alpha Scale Bias Clamp

  • component_pose (ComponentSpacePoseLink): [Read-Write] Component Pose: Input link

  • effector_location (Vector): [Read-Write] Effector Location: Coordinates for target location of tip bone - if EffectorLocationSpace is bone, this is the offset from Target Bone to use as target location

  • effector_location_space (BoneControlSpace): [Read-Write] Effector Location Space: Reference frame of Effector Transform.

  • effector_target (BoneSocketTarget): [Read-Write] Effector Target: If EffectorTransformSpace is a bone, this is the bone to use. *

  • enable_rotation_limit (bool): [Read-Write] Enable Rotation Limit: Tolerance for final tip location delta from EffectorLocation

  • lod_threshold (int32): [Read-Write] LODThreshold: * Max LOD that this node is allowed to run * For example if you have LODThreadhold to be 2, it will run until LOD 2 (based on 0 index) * when the component LOD becomes 3, it will stop update/evaluate * currently transition would be issue and that has to be re-visited

  • max_iterations (int32): [Read-Write] Max Iterations: Maximum number of iterations allowed, to control performance.

  • precision (float): [Read-Write] Precision: Tolerance for final tip location delta from EffectorLocation

  • root_bone (BoneReference): [Read-Write] Root Bone: Name of the root bone

  • rotation_limit_per_joints (Array[float]): [Read-Write] Rotation Limit Per Joints: symmetry rotation limit per joint. Index 0 matches with root bone and last index matches with tip bone.

  • start_from_tail (bool): [Read-Write] Start from Tail: Toggle drawing of axes to debug joint rotation

  • tip_bone (BoneReference): [Read-Write] Tip Bone: Name of tip bone