class unreal.AnimNode_RigidBody(component_pose: ComponentSpacePoseLink = [], lod_threshold: int = 0, alpha_input_type: AnimAlphaInputType = Ellipsis, alpha_bool_enabled: bool = False, alpha: float = 0.0, alpha_scale_bias: InputScaleBias = Ellipsis, alpha_bool_blend: InputAlphaBoolBlend = Ellipsis, alpha_curve_name: Name = 'None', alpha_scale_bias_clamp: InputScaleBiasClamp = Ellipsis)

Bases: AnimNode_SkeletalControlBase

Controller that simulates physics based on the physics asset of the skeletal mesh component

C++ Source:

  • Module: AnimGraphRuntime

  • File: AnimNode_RigidBody.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • alpha (float): [Read-Write] Alpha: Current strength of the skeletal control

  • alpha_bool_blend (InputAlphaBoolBlend): [Read-Write] Alpha Bool Blend

  • alpha_bool_enabled (bool): [Read-Write] Alpha Bool Enabled

  • alpha_curve_name (Name): [Read-Write] Alpha Curve Name

  • alpha_input_type (AnimAlphaInputType): [Read-Write] Alpha Input Type

  • alpha_scale_bias (InputScaleBias): [Read-Write] Alpha Scale Bias

  • alpha_scale_bias_clamp (InputScaleBiasClamp): [Read-Write] Alpha Scale Bias Clamp

  • base_bone_ref (BoneReference): [Read-Write] Base Bone Ref: Matters if SimulationSpace is BaseBone

  • cached_bounds_scale (float): [Read-Write] Cached Bounds Scale: Scale of cached bounds (vs. actual bounds). Increasing this may improve performance, but overlaps may not work as well. (A value of 1.0 effectively disables cached bounds).

  • clamp_linear_translation_limit_to_ref_pose (bool): [Read-Write] Clamp Linear Translation Limit to Ref Pose: Correct for linear tearing on bodies with all axes Locked. This only works if all axes linear translation are locked

  • component_applied_linear_acc_clamp (Vector): [Read-Write] Component Applied Linear Acc Clamp: When using non-world-space sim, this is an overall clamp on acceleration derived from ComponentLinearAccScale and ComponentLinearVelScale, to ensure it is not too large.

  • component_linear_acc_scale (Vector): [Read-Write] Component Linear Acc Scale: When using non-world-space sim, this controls how much of the components world-space acceleration is passed on to the local-space simulation.

  • component_linear_vel_scale (Vector): [Read-Write] Component Linear Vel Scale: When using non-world-space sim, this applies a ‘drag’ to the bodies in the local space simulation, based on the components world-space velocity.

  • component_pose (ComponentSpacePoseLink): [Read-Write] Component Pose: Input link

  • enable_world_geometry (bool): [Read-Write] Enable World Geometry

  • evaluation_reset_time (float): [Read-Write] Evaluation Reset Time: If the node is not evaluated for this amount of time (seconds), either because a lower LOD was in use for a while or the component was not visible, reset the simulation to the default pose on the next evaluation. Set to 0 to disable time-based reset.

  • external_force (Vector): [Read-Write] External Force: Applies a uniform external force in world space. This allows for easily faking inertia of movement while still simulating in component space for example

  • force_disable_collision_between_constraint_bodies (bool): [Read-Write] Force Disable Collision Between Constraint Bodies: Whether to allow collisions between two bodies joined by a constraint

  • freeze_incoming_pose_on_start (bool): [Read-Write] Freeze Incoming Pose on Start: When simulation starts, freeze incoming pose. This is useful for ragdolls, when we want the simulation to take over. It prevents non simulated bones from animating.

  • lod_threshold (int32): [Read-Write] LODThreshold: * Max LOD that this node is allowed to run * For example if you have LODThreadhold to be 2, it will run until LOD 2 (based on 0 index) * when the component LOD becomes 3, it will stop update/evaluate * currently transition would be issue and that has to be re-visited

  • overlap_channel (CollisionChannel): [Read-Write] Overlap Channel: The channel we use to find static geometry to collide with

  • override_physics_asset (PhysicsAsset): [Read-Write] Override Physics Asset: Physics asset to use. If empty use the skeletal mesh’s default physics asset

  • override_world_gravity (Vector): [Read-Write] Override World Gravity: Override gravity

  • override_world_gravity (bool): [Read-Write] Override World Gravity

  • sim_space_settings (SimSpaceSettings): [Read-Write] Sim Space Settings: Settings for the system which passes motion of the simulation’s space into the simulation. This allows the simulation to pass a fraction of the world space motion onto the bodies which allows Bone-Space and Component-Space simulations to react to world-space movement in a controllable way. This system is a superset of the functionality provided by ComponentLinearAccScale, ComponentLinearVelScale, and ComponentAppliedLinearAccClamp. In general you should not have both systems enabled.

  • simulation_space (SimulationSpace): [Read-Write] Simulation Space: What space to simulate the bodies in. This affects how velocities are generated

  • simulation_timing (SimulationTiming): [Read-Write] Simulation Timing: Whether the physics simulation runs synchronously with the node’s evaluation or is run in the background until the next frame.

  • transfer_bone_velocities (bool): [Read-Write] Transfer Bone Velocities: When simulation starts, transfer previous bone velocities (from animation) to make transition into simulation seamless.

  • use_external_cloth_collision (bool): [Read-Write] Use External Cloth Collision: If true, kinematic objects will be added to the simulation at runtime to represent any cloth colliders defined for the parent object.

  • world_space_minimum_scale (float): [Read-Write] World Space Minimum Scale: For world-space simulations, if the magnitude of the component’s 3D scale is less than WorldSpaceMinimumScale, do not update the node.