class unreal.AnimNode_SequenceEvaluator(blend_weight: float = 0.0, internal_time_accumulator: float = 0.0)

Bases: AnimNode_SequenceEvaluatorBase

Sequence evaluator node that can be used with constant folding

C++ Source:

  • Module: AnimGraphRuntime

  • File: AnimNode_SequenceEvaluator.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • blend_weight (float): [Read-Write] Blend Weight: Last encountered blendweight for this node

  • explicit_time (float): [Read-Write] Explicit Time: The time at which to evaluate the associated sequence

  • group_name (Name): [Read-Write] Group Name: The group name (NAME_None if it is not part of any group)

  • group_role (AnimGroupRole): [Read-Write] Group Role: The role this player can assume within the group (ignored if GroupIndex is INDEX_NONE)

  • ignore_for_relevancy_test (bool): [Read-Write] Ignore for Relevancy Test: If true, “Relevant anim” nodes that look for the highest weighted animation in a state will ignore this node

  • internal_time_accumulator (float): [Read-Write] Internal Time Accumulator: Accumulated time used to reference the asset in this node

  • method (AnimSyncMethod): [Read-Write] Method: How synchronization is determined

  • reinitialization_behavior (SequenceEvalReinit): [Read-Write] Reinitialization Behavior: What to do when SequenceEvaluator is reinitialized

  • sequence (AnimSequenceBase): [Read-Write] Sequence: The animation sequence asset to evaluate

  • should_loop (bool): [Read-Write] Should Loop: This only works if bTeleportToExplicitTime is false OR this node is set to use SyncGroup

  • start_position (float): [Read-Write] Start Position: The start up position, it only applies when ReinitializationBehavior == StartPosition. Only used when bTeleportToExplicitTime is false.

  • teleport_to_explicit_time (bool): [Read-Write] Teleport to Explicit Time: If true, teleport to explicit time, does NOT advance time (does not trigger notifies, does not extract Root Motion, etc.)

    If false, will advance time (will trigger notifies, extract root motion if applicable, etc.) Note: using a sync group forces advancing time regardless of what this option is set to.