class unreal.AutomationScheduler

Bases: object

Used to schedule python functions and generators to be run between editor ticks. One iteration of a generator is done per tick. It means that each yield statement will call for an editor tick. If a function or yield statement returns a function or a generator, that object is scheduled right after the next tick. The previously scheduled tasks are run afterwards.

classmethod add_latent_command(task)

Add a function or a generator to the AutomationScheduler schedule. Can be used as a decorator to add a function. Note that order sequence is important here. Registered first is run first. ie: @unreal.AutomationScheduler.add_latent_command def setup_level():


classmethod cleanup()

Force a shutdown of the singleton instance if any is running

schedule = None
classmethod set_latent_command_timeout(seconds)

Set the Python Automation Test latent command timeout in second