class unreal.BlendParameter

Bases: unreal.StructBase

Blend Parameter

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: BlendSpace.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • display_name (str): [Read-Write] Display Name

  • grid_num (int32): [Read-Write] Grid Num: The number of grid divisions along this axis.

  • max (float): [Read-Write] Max: Maximum value for this axis range.

  • min (float): [Read-Write] Min: Minimum value for this axis range.

  • snap_to_grid (bool): [Read-Write] Snap to Grid: If true then samples will always be snapped to the grid on this axis when added, moved, or the axes are changed.

  • wrap_input (bool): [Read-Write] Wrap Input: If true then the input can go outside the min/max range and the blend space is treated as being cyclic on this axis. If false then input parameters are clamped to the min/max values on this axis.