class unreal.ChaosSolverConfiguration

Bases: StructBase

Chaos Solver Configuration

C++ Source:

  • Module: Chaos

  • File: ChaosSolverConfiguration.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • breaking_filter_settings (SolverBreakingFilterSettings): [Read-Write] Breaking Filter Settings

  • cluster_connection_factor (float): [Read-Write] Cluster Connection Factor

  • cluster_union_connection_type (ClusterUnionMethod): [Read-Write] Cluster Union Connection Type

  • collision_cull_distance (float): [Read-Write] Collision Cull Distance: During collision detection, if tweo shapes are at least this far apart we do not calculate their nearest features during the collision detection step.

  • collision_filter_settings (SolverCollisionFilterSettings): [Read-Write] Collision Filter Settings

  • collision_margin_fraction (float): [Read-Write] Collision Margin Fraction: A collision margin as a fraction of size used by some boxes and convex shapes to improve collision detection results. The core geometry of shapes that support a margin are reduced in size by the margin, and the margin is added back on during collision detection. The net result is a shape of the same size but with rounded corners.

  • collision_margin_max (float): [Read-Write] Collision Margin Max: An upper limit on the collision margin that will be subtracted from boxes and convex shapes. See CollisionMarginFraction

  • collision_max_push_out_velocity (float): [Read-Write] Collision Max Push Out Velocity: The maximum speed at which two bodies can be extracted from each other when they start a frame inter-penetrating. This can happen because they spawned on top of each other, or the solver failed to fully reolve collisions last frame. A value of zero means “no limit”. A non-zero value can be used to prevent explosive behaviour when bodies start deeply penetrating. An alternative to using this approach is to increase the number of Velocity Iterations, which is more expensive but will ensure the bdoies are depenetrated in a single frame without explosive behaviour.

  • generate_break_data (bool): [Read-Write] Generate Break Data

  • generate_collision_data (bool): [Read-Write] Generate Collision Data

  • generate_trailing_data (bool): [Read-Write] Generate Trailing Data

  • position_iterations (int32): [Read-Write] Position Iterations: The number of position iterations to run during the constraint solver step

  • projection_iterations (int32): [Read-Write] Projection Iterations: The number of projection iterations to run during the constraint solver step

  • trailing_filter_settings (SolverTrailingFilterSettings): [Read-Write] Trailing Filter Settings

  • velocity_iterations (int32): [Read-Write] Velocity Iterations: The number of velocity iterations to run during the constraint solver step