class unreal.DestructibleDamageParameters

Bases: unreal.StructBase

Parameters that pertain to chunk damage.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: ApexDestruction

  • Module: ApexDestruction

  • File: DestructibleMesh.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • custom_impact_resistance (bool): [Read-Write] Custom Impact Resistance: By default, objects that collide with destructibles will bounce back. Custom resistance allows for finer control of how much a destructible “pushes back” against a colliding object. See: ImpactResistance

  • damage_spread (float): [Read-Write] Damage Spread: Controls how easily damage spreads. DamageRadius = Damage*DamageSpread. All chunks within DamageRadius will take damage. Full damage is taken at zero distance, and zero damage at the DamageRadius.

  • damage_threshold (float): [Read-Write] Damage Threshold: The damage amount which will cause a chunk to fracture (break free).

  • default_impact_damage_depth (int32): [Read-Write] Default Impact Damage Depth: Max depth level where impact damage is enabled. See: DepthParameters for per level control of ImpactDamage If negative, impact damage is disabled

  • enable_impact_damage (bool): [Read-Write] Enable Impact Damage: Whether to apply damage to destructible when colliding with an object. See: ImpactDamage

  • impact_damage (float): [Read-Write] Impact Damage: Controls how much damage is applied upon collision. Damage = ImpactDamage * ImpactForce. See: DepthParameters for per level control of ImpactDamage

  • impact_resistance (float): [Read-Write] Impact Resistance: Controls how much resistance is applied to colliding objects. Weak materials like glass should set this to a low value so that objects will pass right through them during fracture. See: DepthParameters for per level control of ImpactResistance