class unreal.FBIKConstraintOption(item: RigElementKey = Ellipsis)

Bases: StructBase

FBIKConstraint Option

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: FullBodyIK

  • Module: FullBodyIK

  • File: FBIKConstraintOption.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • angular_limit (FBIKBoneLimit): [Read-Write] Angular Limit: Angular delta limit of this joints local transform. [-Limit, Limit]

  • angular_stiffness (Vector): [Read-Write] Angular Stiffness: Scale of [0, 1] and applied to angular motion strength, xyz is applied to twist, swing1, swing2

  • enabled (bool): [Read-Write] Enabled

  • item (RigElementKey): [Read-Only] Item: Bone Name

  • linear_stiffness (Vector): [Read-Write] Linear Stiffness: Scale of [0, 1] and applied to linear motion strength - linear stiffness works on their local frame

  • offset_rotation (Rotator): [Read-Write] Offset Rotation: this is offset rotation applied when constructing the local frame

  • pole_vector (Vector): [Read-Write] Pole Vector: Pole Vector in their local space

  • pole_vector_option (PoleVectorOption): [Read-Write] Pole Vector Option

  • use_angular_limit (bool): [Read-Write] Use Angular Limit

  • use_pole_vector (bool): [Read-Write] Use Pole Vector

  • use_stiffness (bool): [Read-Write] Use Stiffness

property item: RigElementKey

[Read-Only] Item: Bone Name