class unreal.ForceFeedbackAttenuationSettings(distance_algorithm: AttenuationDistanceModel = Ellipsis, attenuation_shape: AttenuationShape = Ellipsis, falloff_mode: NaturalSoundFalloffMode = Ellipsis, d_b_attenuation_at_max: float = 0.0, attenuation_shape_extents: Vector = Ellipsis, cone_offset: float = 0.0, falloff_distance: float = 0.0, cone_sphere_radius: float = 0.0, cone_sphere_falloff_distance: float = 0.0, custom_attenuation_curve: RuntimeFloatCurve = [])

Bases: BaseAttenuationSettings

The struct for defining the properties used when determining attenuation for a force feedback effect

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: ForceFeedbackAttenuation.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • attenuation_shape (AttenuationShape): [Read-Write] Attenuation Shape: The shape of the non-custom attenuation method.

  • attenuation_shape_extents (Vector): [Read-Write] Attenuation Shape Extents: The dimensions to use for the attenuation shape. Interpretation of the values differ per shape.

    Sphere - X is Sphere Radius. Y and Z are unused Capsule - X is Capsule Half Height, Y is Capsule Radius, Z is unused Box - X, Y, and Z are the Box’s dimensions Cone - X is Cone Radius, Y is Cone Angle, Z is Cone Falloff Angle

  • cone_offset (float): [Read-Write] Cone Offset: The distance back from the sound’s origin to begin the cone when using the cone attenuation shape.

  • cone_sphere_falloff_distance (float): [Read-Write] Cone Sphere Falloff Distance: The distance over which volume attenuation occurs for the optional sphere shape.

  • cone_sphere_radius (float): [Read-Write] Cone Sphere Radius: An optional attenuation radius (sphere) that extends from the cone origin.

  • custom_attenuation_curve (RuntimeFloatCurve): [Read-Write] Custom Attenuation Curve: The custom volume attenuation curve to use.

  • d_b_attenuation_at_max (float): [Read-Write] D BAttenuation at Max: The attenuation volume at the falloff distance in decibels (Only for ‘Natural Sound’ Distance Algorithm).

  • distance_algorithm (AttenuationDistanceModel): [Read-Write] Distance Algorithm: The type of attenuation as a function of distance to use.

  • falloff_distance (float): [Read-Write] Falloff Distance: The distance over which volume attenuation occurs.

  • falloff_mode (NaturalSoundFalloffMode): [Read-Write] Falloff Mode: Whether to continue attenuating, go silent, or hold last volume value when beyond falloff bounds and ‘Attenuation At Max (dB)’ is set to a value greater than -60dB. (Only for ‘Natural Sound’ Distance Algorithm). */