class unreal.GeometryScriptMeshSelection

Bases: StructBase

FGeometryScriptMeshSelection is a container for a Mesh Selection used in Geometry Script. The actual selection representation is not exposed to BP, use functions in MeshSelectionFunctions/etc to manipulate the selection.

Internally the selection is stored as a SharedPtr to a FGeometrySelection, which stores a TSet (so unique add and remove are efficient, but the selection cannot be directly indexed without converting to an Array).

Note that the Selection storage is not a UProperty, and is not serialized. FGeometryScriptMeshSelection instances cannot be serialized, they are only transient data structures, that can be created and used Blueprint instances.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: GeometryScripting

  • Module: GeometryScriptingCore

  • File: GeometryScriptSelectionTypes.h

combine_mesh_selections(selection_b, combine_mode=GeometryScriptCombineSelectionMode.ADD) GeometryScriptMeshSelection

Combine two Mesh Selections into a new Mesh Selection. The two inputs SelectionA and SelectionB must have the same Type.


result_selection (GeometryScriptMeshSelection):

Return type:


debug_print_mesh_selection(disable=False) None

Print information about the Mesh Selection to the Output Log


disable (bool) – if true, printing will be disabled (useful for debugging)

get_mesh_selection_info() -> (selection_type=GeometryScriptMeshSelectionType, num_selected=int32)

Query information about a Mesh Selection


selection_type (GeometryScriptMeshSelectionType):

num_selected (int32):

Return type: