class unreal.LightmassPrimitiveSettings

Bases: StructBase

Per-object settings for Lightmass

C++ Source:

  • Module: Engine

  • File: EngineTypes.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • diffuse_boost (float): [Read-Write] Diffuse Boost: Scales the diffuse contribution of all materials applied to this object.

  • emissive_boost (float): [Read-Write] Emissive Boost: Scales the emissive contribution of all materials applied to this object.

  • fully_occluded_samples_fraction (float): [Read-Write] Fully Occluded Samples Fraction: Fraction of samples taken that must be occluded in order to reach full occlusion.

  • shadow_indirect_only (bool): [Read-Write] Shadow Indirect Only: If true, this object will only shadow indirect lighting.

  • use_emissive_for_static_lighting (bool): [Read-Write] Use Emissive for Static Lighting: If true, allow using the emissive for static lighting.

  • use_two_sided_lighting (bool): [Read-Write] Use Two Sided Lighting: If true, this object will be lit as if it receives light from both sides of its polygons.

  • use_vertex_normal_for_hemisphere_gather (bool): [Read-Write] Use Vertex Normal for Hemisphere Gather: Typically the triangle normal is used for hemisphere gathering which prevents incorrect self-shadowing from artist-tweaked vertex normals. However in the case of foliage whose vertex normal has been setup to match the underlying terrain, gathering in the direction of the vertex normal is desired.