class unreal.MovieSceneSkeletalAnimationSectionTemplateParameters(animation: AnimSequenceBase = Ellipsis, first_loop_start_frame_offset: FrameNumber = Ellipsis, start_frame_offset: FrameNumber = Ellipsis, end_frame_offset: FrameNumber = Ellipsis, play_rate: float = 0.0, reverse: bool = False, slot_name: Name = 'None', mirror_data_table: MirrorDataTable = Ellipsis, skip_anim_notifiers: bool = False, force_custom_mode: bool = False, swap_root_bone: SwapRootBone = Ellipsis)

Bases: MovieSceneSkeletalAnimationParams

Movie Scene Skeletal Animation Section Template Parameters

C++ Source:

  • Module: MovieSceneTracks

  • File: MovieSceneSkeletalAnimationTemplate.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • animation (AnimSequenceBase): [Read-Write] Animation: The animation this section plays

  • end_frame_offset (FrameNumber): [Read-Write] End Frame Offset: The offset into the end of the animation clip

  • first_loop_start_frame_offset (FrameNumber): [Read-Write] First Loop Start Frame Offset: The offset into the beginning of the animation clip for the first loop of play.

  • force_custom_mode (bool): [Read-Write] Force Custom Mode: If on animation sequence will always play when active even if the animation is controlled by a Blueprint or Anim Instance Class

  • mirror_data_table (MirrorDataTable): [Read-Write] Mirror Data Table

  • play_rate (float): [Read-Write] Play Rate: The playback rate of the animation clip

  • reverse (bool): [Read-Write] Reverse: Reverse the playback of the animation clip

  • skip_anim_notifiers (bool): [Read-Write] Skip Anim Notifiers: If on will skip sending animation notifies

  • slot_name (Name): [Read-Write] Slot Name: The slot name to use for the animation

  • start_frame_offset (FrameNumber): [Read-Write] Start Frame Offset: The offset into the beginning of the animation clip

  • swap_root_bone (SwapRootBone): [Read-Write] Swap Root Bone: If on the root bone transform will be swapped to the specified root