class unreal.OpenCVLensDistortionParameters(k1=0.0, k2=0.0, p1=0.0, p2=0.0, k3=0.0, k4=0.0, k5=0.0, k6=0.0, f=[1.0, 1.0], c=[0.5, 0.5], use_fisheye_model=False)

Bases: unreal.OpenCVLensDistortionParametersBase

Mathematic camera model for lens distortion/undistortion. Camera matrix =

F.X 0 C.x |
0 F.Y C.Y |
0 0 1 |

where F and C are normalized.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: OpenCVLensDistortion

  • Module: OpenCVLensDistortion

  • File: OpenCVLensDistortionParameters.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • c (Vector2D): [Read-Write] C: Camera matrix’s normalized Cx and Cy.

  • f (Vector2D): [Read-Write] F: Camera matrix’s normalized Fx and Fy.

  • k1 (float): [Read-Write] K1: Radial parameter #1.

  • k2 (float): [Read-Write] K2: Radial parameter #2.

  • k3 (float): [Read-Write] K3: Radial parameter #3.

  • k4 (float): [Read-Write] K4: Radial parameter #4.

  • k5 (float): [Read-Write] K5: Radial parameter #5.

  • k6 (float): [Read-Write] K6: Radial parameter #6.

  • p1 (float): [Read-Write] P1: Tangential parameter #1.

  • p2 (float): [Read-Write] P2: Tangential parameter #2.

  • use_fisheye_model (bool): [Read-Write] Use Fisheye Model: Camera lens needs Fisheye camera model.



  • OpenCVLensDistortionParameters Returns true if A is equal to B (A == B)



  • OpenCVLensDistortionParameters Returns true if A is not equal to B (A != B)