class unreal.OptionalPinFromProperty

Bases: StructBase

Optional Pin from Property

C++ Source:

  • Module: BlueprintGraph

  • File: K2Node.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • can_toggle_visibility (bool): [Read-Write] Can Toggle Visibility

  • category_name (Name): [Read-Write] Category Name

  • has_override_pin (bool): [Read-Write] Has Override Pin

  • is_marked_for_advanced_display (bool): [Read-Write] Is Marked for Advanced Display

  • is_override_enabled (bool): [Read-Write] Is Override Enabled: TRUE if the override value is enabled for use

  • is_override_pin_visible (bool): [Read-Write] Is Override Pin Visible: TRUE if the override pin is visible

  • is_set_value_pin_visible (bool): [Read-Write] Is Set Value Pin Visible: TRUE if the override value should be set through this pin

  • property_friendly_name (str): [Read-Write] Property Friendly Name

  • property_is_customized (bool): [Read-Write] Property Is Customized

  • property_name (Name): [Read-Write] Property Name

  • property_tooltip (Text): [Read-Write] Property Tooltip

  • show_pin (bool): [Read-Write] Show Pin