class unreal.TextShapingMethod

Bases: EnumBase

Methods that can be used to shape text. note: If you change this enum, make sure and update CVarDefaultTextShapingMethod and GetDefaultTextShapingMethod.

C++ Source:

  • Module: SlateCore

  • File: FontCache.h

AUTO: TextShapingMethod

Automatically picks the fastest possible shaping method (either KerningOnly or FullShaping) based on the reading direction of the text. Left-to-right text uses the KerningOnly method, and right-to-left text uses the FullShaping method.



FULL_SHAPING: TextShapingMethod

Provides full text shaping, allowing accurate rendering of complex right-to-left or bi-directional glyphs (such as Arabic). This mode will perform ligature replacement for all languages (such as the combined “fi” glyph in English).



KERNING_ONLY: TextShapingMethod

Provides fake shaping using only kerning data. This can be faster than full shaping, but won’t render complex right-to-left or bi-directional glyphs (such as Arabic) correctly. This can be useful as an optimization when you know your text block will only show simple glyphs (such as numbers).