class unreal.VehicleInputRateConfig

Bases: unreal.StructBase

Vehicle Input Rate Config

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: ChaosVehiclesPlugin

  • Module: ChaosVehicles

  • File: ChaosVehicleMovementComponent.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • fall_rate (float): [Read-Write] Fall Rate: Rate at which the input value falls

  • input_curve_function (InputFunctionType): [Read-Write] Input Curve Function: Controller input curve, various predefined options, linear, squared, or user can specify a custom curve function

  • rise_rate (float): [Read-Write] Rise Rate: Rate at which the input value rises

  • user_curve (RuntimeFloatCurve): [Read-Write] User Curve: Controller input curve - should be a normalized float curve, i.e. time from 0 to 1 and values between 0 and 1 This curve is only sued if the InputCurveFunction above is set to CustomCurve