Calling Event Dispatchers

Calling the Event Dispatcher executes all of the currently bound events in the events list.


Calling an Event Dispatcher with a Call node causes all of the events bound to the Event Dispatcher to fire. You can have more than one Call node for each Event Dispatcher, and you can also call the Event Dispatcher in both Blueprint Classes and Level Blueprints.

Calling in Blueprint Classes

  1. Drag off of the Event Dispatcher's name in the My Blueprint tab, and drop into the graph you are working in.

  2. Select Call in the menu that appears.



  1. Right-click in the graph.

  2. Expand Event Dispatcher in the context menu that appears.


  3. Select Call [EventDispatcherName] under Event Dispatcher.


Calling in Level Blueprints

  1. Add a reference to the Actor in your level you would like to call the Event Dispatcher for.


  2. Drag off of the output pin of the reference node and release to show the context menu.


  3. Navigate to Event Dispatcher > Call [EventDispatcherName] in the context menu. Searching for "Event Call" should quickly bring up the correct entry.


    The Call node will appear, with the Actor reference already wired to the Target pin.