Console Variable Track

Adjust render settings and other console variables in your real-time cinematic using the Console Variable Track

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In some cinematic sequences, you may find it necessary to adjust render settings (or other settings) through console variables. You can do this using the Console Variable Track. Editing console variables in track form can be helpful for projects that are real-time, or require changes mid-way through a sequence. For cases where you are rendering your sequence, you may want to instead use Movie Render Queue's global or per-shot console variable render settings.



To add a Console Variable Track to your sequence, click the Track (+) dropdown and select Console Variable Track.

create console variable track

The Console Variable Track works by applying console variables over a range of time using Sections. To create a console variable section, click Section (+) located on the track. Similar to most Sections, console variable Sections can be trimmed, edited, and moved within the timeline region.

add console variable section


To make console variables execute during the section's duration, right-click on the section and locate the Properties > Console Variables property.

console variable properties

You can add console variables to the Console Variables property by typing in the field next to it. To add multiple variables to a single section, separate each variable with a comma (,) in the text field.

console variable example

Once your variables are added to the section, you can scrub or play the sequence to preview the effects. As with normal default section behavior, the previous console variable values are restored when the section ends.

console variable results