Context Switches

An Overview of the Context Switches in Unreal Insights.

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Context Switches

A Context Switch stores the state of a process or a thread, so it can be restored and resume execution at a later point. When attempting to profile Context Switches with a Launcher Build, You will want to ensure that you enable "Editor Symbols for Debugging" from the Options for your Engine Version.


Context Switches are supported on Windows, XB1/XSX, and PS4/PS5 platforms.

  1. You can enable the ContextSwitch trace channel in the command line:


    On Windows, depending on your user permission settings your project runtime should be "run as administrator".

  2. Open your trace file in Unreal Insights, If a session has the ContextSwitch trace event enabled, then the following information will be displayed in the Timing Insights view:

a) Additional CPU Core tracks. One for each CPU core in the recorded trace; shows timing events indicating what thread does execute on the respective CPU core. "Unknown" timing events indicate execution of threads from other applications / processes or from the OS.

b) Each CPU Thread has a header lane with core number events indicating on which core the respective thread is executing. The time range when a thread is executing and when it is preempted it is highlighted.


c) CPU/GPU drop down menu shows additional options re Context Switches:


d). The context menu of a "Core" timing event in a Cpu Thread track shows additional options:


e). The context menu of a "Thread" timing event in a CPU Core track shows additional options: