Reference for the Game section of the Unreal Engine Project Settings.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager



Primary Asset Types to Scan

List of asset types to scan at startup.

Directories to Exclude

List of directories to exclude from scanning for Primary Assets, useful to exclude test assets.

Primary Asset Rules

List of specific asset rule overrides.

Custom Primary Asset Rules

List of game-specific asset rule overrides for types, this will not do anything by default.

Only Cook Production Assets

If true, DevelopmentCook assets will error when they are cooked, you should enable this on production branches.

Should Manager Determine Type and Name

If true, the asset manager will determine the type and name for Primary Assets that do not implement GetPrimaryAssetId, by calling DeterminePrimaryAssetIdForObject and using the .ini settings.

This works in both cooked and uncooked builds, but is slower than directly implementing GetPrimaryAssetId on the native asset.

Should Guess Type and Name in Editor

If true, PrimaryAsset Type / Name will be implied for assets in the editor even if bShouldManagerDetermineTypeAndName is false.

This guesses the correct ID for content that hasn't been resaved after GetPrimaryAssetId was implemented.

Should Acquire Missing Chunks on Load

If true, this will query the platform chunk install interface to request missing chunks for any requested primary asset loads.

Should Warn About Invalid Assets

If true, the asset manager will warn when it is told to load or do something with assets it does not know about.




Primary Asset Id Redirects

Redirect from Type:Name to Type:NameNew.

Primary Asset Type Redirects

Redirect from Type to TypeNew.

Asset Path Redirects

Redirect from /game/assetpath to /game/assetpathnew.

Asset Registry



Metadata Tags For Asset Registry

The metadata tags to be transferred to the Asset Registry.

Asset Tools

Advanced Copy



Advanced Copy Customizations

List of rules to use when advanced copying assets.

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