In-Camera VFX Template

An overview of the In-Camera VFX Template

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The In-Camera VFX Template is the starting point for creating the complex configuration that goes into a live-action LED stage. It provides a basic map and a variety of features to help you get started with your in-camera VFX project.

Creating a Project from the Template

  1. Launch Unreal Engine.

  2. Select the Film, Television, and Live Events template category.

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  3. Click InCamera VFX.

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  4. Choose whether to include starter content and whether to enable retracing, and select the path and name for your project.

  5. Click Create.

Template Features

  • An nDisplay configuration and Blueprint set up for In-Camera VFX

  • Configurable inner frustum and outer frustum

  • Live Link

  • A chroma key and tracking markers

  • Color Correction Regions

  • Web remote control

  • OSC

Refer to the In-Camera VFX Overview and In-Camera VFX Quick Start for information on how to use these features.

In order to access the Blueprints and other assets described in the template, make sure to enable Show Engine Content and Show Plugin Content in the View Options menu in the Content Browser.

View engine content and plugin content options


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LED_CurvedStage is the main map. It is provided for typical in-camera VFX set-ups and configurations.

LED Curved Stage

LED Curved Stage

This map provides an alternative set up with a curved mesh used for the LED wall. The LED wall is composed of four sub-sections, two on the left and two on the right, hence why there are four screens within nDisplay_InCamVFX_Config under the root component. You can customize these sub-sections to use this as a starting point to describe any type of curved LED displays, so that it matches your hardware configuration.

Curved screen section in the hierarchy

Chroma Key

In the Details for nDisplay_InCamVFX_Config in the Curved Stage map, there is a control setting to enable the chroma key, allowing control over the visibility of that layer.

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